YJF is a company that takes care of every detail of casting process which is the key to casting quality, such as excellent production management, integration design, manufacturing, quality control, and services. With each step, we put all the separate elements together perfectly.

Smart Casting

Vibration sensor, temperature sensor, deformation sensor are the key sensors to achieve smart casting. These three components compose digital production process, analyzing corresponding procedures, and improve product accuracy.

Internal Strength Relieving And Deformation Control

During production processes, internal strength relieving is utilized for deformation control, strengthening structure and reducing deformation effects.

Total Solution Service

YJF utilizes professional mold CAE simulation technology together with profound technique in casting melting and solidification during the process starts from wood mold design to casting process. YJF makes the best casting composition structure for customers, strengthening product structures from the very beginning.

QC Process

To perfect production process, we have prepared comprehensive QC process, offering excellent QC assurance to our customers. Besides, we also provide a complete CMM report that can ensure the accuracy of casting based on customers’ demands.

After-sales Services

After-sales services are the core strength for machinery suppliers. YJF visualize production process with records and statistic analysis so customers can trace back easily.


YJF is a brand that has received certificates of MEEHANITE and ISO9001. Our casting items are required to pass all the inspections to ensure all the products meet customers’ demands.



Why are production recording and traceability so important?

Once the traceability is realized, and casting items are traceable, and the collected data and records can be analyzed systematically, those efforts achieve quality control.

For conventional casting factories, all the casting qualities are based on the experiences of skilled personnel. Under this working model, all the assembled machines are not traceable no matter how good they are made because the production records are not made systematically, let alone the further perfection process.

So it is normally a hard task to do for ordinary casting factories as well as machine tool manufacturers. That is why we insist on this record realization and the corresponding traceability issues. In regard to our production recording certificates, we offer comprehensive material certificates, which include all the metal material analysis, mechanical features, and other critical casting information, so customers could have a complete knowledge about our casting. Our sincerity ensures customers' assurance.


How do you realize production recording, data collection, and procedure control?

We do our digital casting ID reformation base on our exclusive digital twin technology. This system can establish the entire product cycle life, making all the fragmented information integrated and visualized for users. This design implants the casting with an exclusive identification.

This mechanism persists long even after the casting is well made. YJF’s exclusive tracing system will collect the data from the castings afterward in order to improve the future procedure as well as material variables, which reduces quality issues significantly, realizing procedure control.


Do operators need to calibrate constantly because conventional machines’ accuracy would deviate from the original setting?

For machine tools and any other machinery, constant calibration and component maintenance usually reduce users’ productivity and consumes more operation costs, which are not cost-effective at all.

Therefore, YJF offers double quality assurances in both beforehand and after-sales procedures, which assures perfect, large size and stable casting items.


How to take care of customers’ long-term machine operation and overcome their technical issues?

YJF acts positively rather than being passive in the technical issues, taking smart technology to monitor the working conditions. With this basis, we can deal with the technical abnormalities that happened on the assembled machines whenever they happen.

These mechanisms can monitor the operation status remotely and spontaneously, and once there is a technical issue happens, there would be emails sent to management echelon and onsite operators at the same time, reducing the communication time.

We also set 24 hours delivery report, so customers can check about the product manufacturing steps. As a result, we can offer long-term services, maintenance, and recording. Assisted by the smart simulation, we can find out the potential problems in advance so we can modify the parameters as well as the critical models.

As a result, we could shorten the duration of abnormality by faster troubleshooting. At the same time, we improve our existing design and procedures, so there won’t be repeated complaints on the same issues.


What are the differences between casting DNA reformation engineering and conventional casting production?

The reformation of casting DNA engineering offered by YJF is to control those critical factors precisely like taking care of living creatures and those mechanical parameters are recognized as DNA data. In this analogy, YJF is the chief engineer.

In conventional casting factories, the casting quality is based on the experiences of skilled workers’ efforts. Our casting DNA reformation engineering is a novel idea that besides vibration and temperature sensing, also includes deformation sensing.

That is, those collected data can be transformed into accurate deformation variables for further management.

So, during our casting process, we can control every procedure to achieve quality management. That is to say, YJF can handle the processing procedures well for each casting item.